Automotive parts industry solutions

Automotive parts industry solutions

    The automotive component industry is an important customer group of Moldbao, for which we provide one-stop service from prototype, mold design, mold manufacturing, mass production, inspection, assembly to s

Automotive parts industry solutions

    The automotive component industry is an important customer group of Moldbao, for which we provide one-stop service from prototype, mold design, mold manufacturing, mass production, inspection, assembly to successful delivery. It involves a variety of automotive shell parts, structural functional parts, interior parts and other all-round products.
    We make full use of domestic and foreign product design technology, manufacturing technology and production management technology resources, build a product platform with international level from a high starting point, cooperate with customers to develop new products, successfully develop new products and mass production for world-renowned automobile brands, form years of in-depth cooperation, and also lay a solid foundation for the development of Moldbao in the auto parts industry.
Prototype manufacturing
    Starting from the prototype, through the process of compound mold, CNC machining, sheet metal and other processes, the formal quotation within 24 hours, the fastest delivery in 3-7 days, quickly verified the customer's design concept, for the new product to market more time. At the same time, in the production process of prototypes, we work with customers to find problems, solve problems, and improve the design, paving the way for the smooth mass production of products in the future.
    The model of the car is updated quickly, the new product is on the market continuously, and many spare parts are produced, we are starting from the prototype to verify, which has dual requirements for quality and time, and at the same time has comprehensive technical strength to achieve the different needs of different customers and different products.
    Moldbao has years of technology research and development, adopts IPD product development mode, and scientific process management, and deeply excavates from the high-speed, high-quality and cost-reducing aspects, seamlessly connecting the customer's product development cycle. Wasting fewer materials and other valuable resources on unnecessary prototypes or redesigns greatly reduces the likelihood that you will redesign your product when it's time to make it.

Mold design and manufacturing
    The company has more than 100 engineering design team of more than 100 people, including many veteran designers with more than ten years of experience.
    After years of precipitation, Moldbao has obvious technical advantages in the same industry in complex mold structure design, high-precision mold design and processing, mold flow analysis, conformal cooling technology, processing thermal deformation management, etc.
    The company has an intelligent factory composed of German Rhodes 5-axis machining center, spark machine, three-coordinate detection and other precision mold processing equipment and injection molding machine, the processing accuracy can reach 0.002mm, and the T1 qualification rate exceeds 90%.

    In the mass production stage, Moldbao carries out mass production through mold design, mold manufacturing, injection molding, machining, die-casting, extrusion, stamping and other processes. Through polishing, electroplating, oxidation, sandblasting, powder spraying, painting, passivation, electrophoresis and other comprehensive surface treatment processes, to meet the appearance and performance needs of customers.
    The company has Fannuc, BAIKE, Babyplast and other brand injection molding machines, high-precision manipulator can fully automatic 24-hour injection processing, to ensure efficient production. Established CMM automatic measurement laboratory, strict control of size and quality.
    The company has a precision plastic mold and injection molding team with rich theoretical and practical experience, and the backbone members have more than 20 years of experience in the mold industry, which can solve various difficult problems encountered in production and make the whole production process more smooth.

Assembly inspection
    Moldbao has independent, standard assembly lines. Using industry-leading testing equipment and technology, starting from prototype manufacturing to mass production delivery, control every link in the production process, so that each production link can meet the standard in time, the entire production process can be carried out smoothly, in general, this not only ensures the high pass rate of the product, but also shortens the production cycle and greatly reduces the time cost.
    Our testing center has advanced and comprehensive testing equipment such as Swedish Hexagon coordinate measuring instrument and 2.5-dimensional automatic image measuring instrument to ensure that your products meet the design and functional requirements.


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